Chiral, High-throughput, HILIC, SPP

Sub-Second Separations with SPPs!

See our recent publication in Analytical Chemistry  which shows sub second separations!

Sub-second liquid chromatography in very short packed beds is demonstrated as a broad proof of concept for chiral, achiral, and HILIC separations of biologically important molecules. Superficially porous particles (SPP, 2.7 μm) of different surface chemistries, namely, teicoplanin, cyclofructan, silica, and quinine, were packed in 0.5-cm-long columns for separating different classes of compounds. Several issues must be addressed to obtain the maximum performance of 0.5 cm columns with reduced plate heights of 2.6 to 3.0. Modified UHPLC hardware can be used to obtain sub-second separations provided extra-column dispersion is minimized and sufficient data acquisition rates are used. Further, hardware improvements will be needed to take full advantage of faster separations. The utility of power transform, which is already employed in certain chromatography detectors, is shown to be advantageous for sub-second chromatography. This approach could prove to be beneficial in fast screening and two-dimensional liquid chromatography.

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