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Fast Chiral Separations

First superficially porous particle (SPP, 2.7 μm) chiral stationary phases (CSPs) available. The highest efficiency chiral stationary phases to date. Higher efficiencies than fully porous particles (FPP) at all flow rates, with the greatest gains in efficiency at high flow rates.

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Job Listing:
Senior Scientist, Arlington, TX–

Conduct research activities in support of process chemistry, development and formulations. Discovery, process development, registration, and commercialization of new products. Conduct a full range of analytical research from identification of new technologies to optimization of existing methodologies.


  • Responsible for synthesis of Chiral and HILIC stationary phases in addition to packing HPLC columns.

  • Optimization of the existing synthesis and packing methods is required for developing new products and troubleshooting.

  • Responsible for developing methods for sample analysis using HILIC and Chiral HPLC.

  • Sample analysis using gas chromatography-molecular rotational resonance spectroscopy.

Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Education Requirements: PhD in Chemistry

Other Requirements:

  • PhD in Chemistry must include Analytical Chemistry and Separations Sciences as demonstrated by graduate level coursework and thesis.

  • Research experience in chiral HPLC, HILIC, and spectroscopy as demonstrated by publications. 

  • Research experience in synthesis as demonstrated by publications. 

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