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AZYP LLC is a supplier of novel chiral and achiral stationary phases for HPLC and SFC on SPP/FPP silica. Our chromatographic media are based on various oligosaccharides, macrocyclic glycopeptides and alkaloids. We offer multi-modal chiral columns that can be operated in polar ionic mode, polar organic mode, reversed phase and normal phases mode. We have chiral stationary phases for both polar and neutral compounds. Also, we offer the most hydrolytically stable HILIC columns with very high selectivity.

Oligosaccharides and Macrocyclic Glycopeptides

  • Cyclofructan (isopropyl) CF-6 is the unique CSP to separate primary amines with high success rate: LARIHC CF6-P (FPP) and LarihcShell-P  (SPP).
  • LARIHC CF6-RN (R-naphthylethyl) and LARIHC CF7-DMP (3,5-dimethylphenyl) in FPP.
  • FRULIC-N (FPP) and FructoShell-N (SPP) (native cyclofructan,CF-6) are excellent HILIC columns. 
  • CDShell-RSP (beta cyclodextrin, hydroxylpropyl) is the best CSP of its kind, available in SPP silica.
  • Three complementary macrocyclic glycopeptides SPP CSPs are offered:
  1. TeicoShell (teicoplanin)
  2. VancoShell (vancomycin)
  3. NicoShell (modified macrocyclic glycopeptide)


Ultrafast SPP Chiral Phases


  • First SPP (2.7 μm) chiral stationary phases (CSPs) available.
  • The highest efficiency chiral stationary phases to date      
  • Higher efficiencies than fully porous particles (FPP) at all flow rates, with the greatest gains in efficiency at high flow rates.
  • High efficiency with moderate pressure at high flow rates allow for ultrafast, sub-minute enantiomeric separations.
  1. LarihcShell-P: Cyclofructan (isopropyl) CF-6
  2. CDShell-RSP: beta cyclodextrin, hydroxylpropyl
  3. TeicoShell: teicoplanin
  4. VancoShell: vancomycin
  5. NicoShell: modified macrocyclic glycopeptide
  6. TagShell: teicoplanin aglycone
  7. QShell: quinine based
  8. MaltoShell-DMP: derivatized maltodextrin 


Fast SPP (FructoShell-N) Phase

  • First bonded, brush-type, SPP HILIC phase.
  • Most hydrolytically stable HILIC stationary phase.
  • Highly efficient HILIC columns with reduced plate heights less than 2.0
  • Efficiency is maintained at high flow rates allowing for reduced analysis times. 



  • An alkyl derivatized cyclofructan 6 chiral stationary phase.
  • Pronounced enantioselectivity toward all types of primary amines  (amino alcohols, amino esters, and amino amides). 
  • Baseline separation for aliphatic racemic amines that contained no other functionality
  • Works more effectively with organic solvents and supercritical fluids.
  • Great capabilities for preparative scale separations.
  • No other existing phase can efficiently separate primary amines as well as our LARIHC CF6-P phase.
  • Separated 93% of 120 tested racemic primary amines




  • R-naphthylethyl functionalized cyclofructan 6 chiral stationary phase.
  • Shows excellent enantioselectivity toward variety of analytes, including acids, secondary and tertiary amines, alcohols, and many neutral compounds.
  • Covalent-bonded nature allows the use of all common organic solvents creating a wide range of compound types that can be separated.
  • Operates in all three modes (NP, RP, & POM).Better resolution in the normal phase, hence useful for preparative separations.     
  • Excellent choice for enantiomers that do not contain primary amines



  • Stationary phase consists of 3,5-dimethylphenyl functionalized cyclofructan 7.
  • Used in all three modes of operation, but like other aromatic derivatized columns, it works most effectively in the normal phase
  • One and only commercialized cyclofructan 7 based column
  • Demonstrates complementary enantioselectivity when compared to the LARIHC CF6-RN phase

  • A neutral high porosity poly-hydroxy based stationary phase.
  • Shows excellent separating capabilities for nucleic compounds, purine derivatives, carbohydrates in the HILIC mode.
  • Compared to all other commercial HILIC columns, more selective, efficient and faster separations – overall better performance in the HILIC mode.