Underivatized Nicotine Separated on VancoShell CDP

Underivatized Nicotine Separated on VancoShell CDP

See our recent work on separation of nicotine in tobacco free nicotine products Recently, a variety of new tobacco-free-nicotine, TFN, products have been commercialized as e-liquids. Tobacco-derived nicotine contains predominantly (S)-(−)-nicotine, whereas TFN products may not. The TFN products are said to be cleaner, purer substances, devoid of toxic components that come from the tobacco extraction process. A variety of commercial tobacco and TFN products were analyzed to identify the presence and composition of each nicotine enantiomer. A rapid and effective enantiomeric separation of nicotine has been developed using a modified macrocyclic glycopeptide bonded to superficially porous particles. The enantiomeric assay can be completed in <2 min with high resolution and accuracy using high performance liquid chromatography with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. The results of this study suggest the need for pharmacological studies of (R)-(+)-nicotine, which is present in much greater quantities in commercial TFN products compared to commercial tobacco-derived products. Such studies are required by the FDA for new enantiomeric pharmacological products

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